to the last Nashville Association of Sales Professionals meeting of 2016 AND our annual joint meeting with the Institute for Supply Management ISM. On Dec. 9, keynote speaker Dennis Phillips will present: The 3 P’s to a Happy Work Life dennisHonestly, are you happy at work? Truly happy? If you aren’t, do you know why and what to do about it? Our jobs are such a large percentage of our lives yet sadly, studies show that most people aren’t happy while they are there. With years of experience and more than a few difficult times, Dennis Phillips, business owner and the national trainer for a nation-wide corporation has developed a method that can change your work life with just a few simple tips. Happy at work or not you don’t want to miss this dynamic, energetic and informative presentation!   Dennis graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth Ministry.  He spent years as a youth communicator speaking at camps and conferences sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with teens and college students in the US, Mexico, and Canada.  He came off of the traveling circuit in July of 2002 as he felt a calling to a different direction in ministry, and became a mortgage loan originator.  After just a year in the business he was asked to manage his own team, and within another year was asked to open a branch of his own for a new and upcoming company in the industry.  Dennis soon began to manage two branches of the company until starting his own brand in 2005.  Wells Fargo saw Dennis’ ability to lead people, and attract solid originators as he built two strong offices for WF in Middle Tennessee during 2010.  In 2010 he fulfilled his contract with Wells Fargo and continued his business with People’s Home Equity as a Branch Manager and Business Coach.  Dennis was given the opportunity to lead on a national stage in the industry in 2013 with iServe Residential Lending as the National Sales Coach and East Coast Reginal Manager.  Dennis says, “They (iServe) get it, understand that Biblical Principles work in business. When you sow seeds of passion for who God made you to be He in turn will bring the harvest right where you are.” Dennis Phillips has been an industry Coach, in different facets, for 9 years.  He has a passion for helping others succeed in their industry while using the Biblical principles instilled in him by his father, who is a Pastor in Ohio.  Dennis says, “Business is no different than the ministry of the church, or everyday believers.  Our best efforts are maximized when they are coupled with God’s promises.”