Keys to Drive Your Customer Service

Have you ever asked yourself: what makes one company seem better than another, or what makes one person more successful than their competition? It is often about the “experience” they create for their end-user, their customer. Everyday we create an experience for our customers…it is either positive, negative or neutral and two of these are unacceptable.

Our speaker, Bruce Loeffler began at Disneyland and then Walt Disney World as a professional performer. He was given a unique opportunity to improve service excellence for the Disney cast in attractions, merchandise, foods, security and guest relations.

In 2015, he and Brian Church wrote the #1 book on Customer Solutions based on the training developed by Mr. Loeffler, “The Experience: The Five Principles of Disney Excellence.” These principles are the foundation of how we serve and accommodate the needs of others. They are the I CARE Principles because service is about people.

What Mr. Church and Mr. Loeffler discovered is that most successful companies and leaders do one thing better than most of their competition, they “Invest” in people. In order to be effective, we must “invest” in each other…whether the customer or our co-workers. When you demonstrate that you truly “care” about others, that is the difference that distinguishes you the most.

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