Bringing Vitality and Energy to your Sales!

Did you ever wonder why is it easier to conquer the sales goals than it is to Conquer my Fitness? Have you wondered if your physical health is impacting your performance? OF COURSE IT IS! Join us as Coach Rod Key talks about the 4 most important areas of wellness and how to master them. Learn nuggets and hacks to get real, measurable results.

Wellness Expert and entrepreneur Coach Rod Key is a gifted teacher and coach with a unique ability to inspire people toward life-changing control over their health and fitness. Coach Rod has been involved in fitness for over 20 years, and is highly respected in the community as a leading authority on wellness. Recognizing Rod’s value as a strategist and successful health and fitness expert, the mayor of Murfreesboro appointed Coach Rod to serve on his committee as an Ambassador of Wellness to plan and implement a variety of wellness initiatives to improve the lives and health of city residents. In addition to a private wellness coaching practice, Rod is a corporate wellness trainer, as well as a highly sought motivational speaker.

While providing leadership and investing in the development of his own professional team of wellness experts through KeyFitness, LLC, Coach Rod provides private wellness coaching to a diverse clientele. Rod is a Nationally Certified Run Coach, and is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. Through his passionate leadership and investment in people, Coach Rod continues to have a significant positive impact on the health and wellness of the community of Murfreesboro.