Sports teams are better run and more prepared than most sales organizations. This is a fact and why? Sports teams have a scripted, play-by-play approach to deliver the desired success – which is scoring and winning. Football teams practice this playbook for hundreds and hundreds of hours each year to prepare for 12-20 hours of game time.

If you don’t have an updated Sales Playbook that delivers the right type future clients and sales success, aligned to your company’s core values, you need to attend this session and take notes:

David’s DAFT Playbook will outline the winning elements for your success in the Discovery, Activity, Follow-up and Targeting phases. Most companies don’t have a sales playbook and most sales professionals  don’t ask for them, don’t create one on their own, don’t update them for themselves along the way or don’t follow them if they exist.

In this event, you’ll walk away with all of the key elements for ultimate success.


David currently leads the sales efforts for Petra Coach, the world’s premiere coaching firm for implementing the Rockefeller Habits and leading Scale Up companies in North American and Europe.

With over three decades of sales leadership and coaching experience, his real-world practice of the DAFT principles have served him well across many industries, including being honored in the inaugural Future 50 class of Nashville’s fastest growing companies.

As a servant leader, he’s a Blue & Gold Officer for the US Naval Academy, and sat on Congressman Cooper’s USNA nominating committee last year, to name a few. Husband to Suzi for the past 25 years and father of three – Philip, Cody and Samantha.