5 Signs of Bad Sales Techniques—and How to Sell More Effectively

presented by Joel Fay

All of us have things to sell…our products, services, ideas or causes. So naturally we take tips from professional sales to improve our performance. However, the methods of “professional” sales come in many flavors. From humble to arrogant. Helpful to abusive. Time saving to time wasting. Effective to disturbing. Discover some signs of bad sales techniques and how to avoid them—to improve sales and customer retention.

About our speaker~ 

Joel Fay loves to help people succeed with integrity and excellence in sales, leadership and customer care.

Joel with his business partner Julie Fay own a Sandler Training business in Nashville, Blue Oak Business Advisors, that combines their experience with Sandler’s award-winning training, coaching and consulting.

Joel helped a company grow from 7 staff to more than 400, with many titles as the organization grew including Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO). As President, grew a non-profit from $2 million to over $10 million in service. His leadership helped elderly and disadvantaged people with summer no-cost home repair by over 26,000 teenagers and their adult leaders. Joel led over 1,300 staff and volunteers and has helped grow three organizations to market leadership.