Lisa Dean – I Can’t Get No Sales Satisfaction

Lisa utilizes the Rolling Stone lyrics in her presentation.

Lisa is the Middle Tennessee Advisor for Sales Xceleration. Sales Xceleration is a national network of Sales Leaders who help business owners, CEOs and leadership teams take their business to the next level through hands-on consulting and sales leadership.

We help companies struggling with:

  • Declining or stagnant sales
  • No lead generation systems or methodology
  • Finding the “right” salesperson for their company or industry
  • The desire to have someone else handle sales
  • Not knowing the right strategy or where to start to create one
  • A lack of time to effectively manage their sales team

We also help Sales Leaders take their skills to the next level through out Sales Leader Certification program with a 12-week hands on, classroom training with your sales leader peers in Middle Tennessee.The Certified Sales Leader designation is the country’s most comprehensive sales leadership certification program offered. CSL allows Sales Leaders to practice skill building in a safe environment and then practice with their teams.  Modules include:

  • Setting your team up for success, Strategy and Planning,
  • Setting Expectation and Goal Setting, Incenting Performance,
  • Creating a Motivating Environment and Holding People Accountable  
  • Unleashing the Power of your Team Meetings
  • Individualized Development
  • Hiring and Onboarding Talent
  • Pipeline Management and Forecasting

Lisa brings a unique set of skills to her customers through her diverse background in sales, marketing, leadership and training.  From her work with Fortune 50 companies to start-ups, her passion for helping businesses and people grow has always been a driving force in her career.  It’s on this foundation, that she established Sales Chameleon to help businesses evolve the way they sell.

Born and raised in Middle Tennessee, Lisa has almost 30 years’ experience in sales and leadership, focusing her efforts in media (sponsorship sales, radio, television and digital), healthcare technology and training platforms. Most of her roles have included the opportunity to build the sales organization from the ground up as well as identify the go- to- market strategy for the products.  

When this Lead Lizard is not working as a tactical sales partner, marketing strategist or business coach, this lifestyle guru is looking for the latest in fashion, food and wine.   Find her on LinkedIn, or call her now to learn more about how Sales Chameleon can help evolve the way you sell.

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