Tips for Increasing Your Net Worth Through Networking

Tips for Increasing Your Net Worth Through Networking

We’ve all been there…Not another one…a networking event…Why go? It’s just an excuse for a party, no business gets done there anyway.  At least they may have drinks and food.

I know that I’ve had those thoughts go through my head at times.  But, getting into the right mindset, knowing what to do, and say, even who to look for, can change all that.  There are some dandy tips, some new, some forgotten that help make the most out of networking. We will explore some ways on how to get the most of our time spent, enjoy ourselves, and even get a little business started.

Julie Fay Biography

Julie is a co-owner of Blue Oak Business Advisors in Nashville.  She is a certified trainer and coach of management, leadership, business, sales, customer care and communication. Julie uses respectful, honest and effective approaches to help people move to the next level of on-target performance and professionalism.

Julie has rich experiences in retail and district management, customer service, and has served as President and board member of multiple non-profit organizations. Julie earned a teaching and communications degree from the University of Nebraska and has trained thousands in workshops nationwide.

Julie is known for her creativity, communication, and desire to help people who want to improve their skills. Julie is passionate about a business where respect is maintained for all parties. Growing up in a family business, Julie knows the struggles owners face–juggling all aspects of business. Now, the co-owner of Blue Oak Business Advisors, she along with her husband Joel, equip people to grow their business, improve negotiation skills, break down walls, become a better communicator, manager/leader, and a more successful business owner—plus achieve their personal and professional goals.