Webinar – Setting More Appointments with the Phone

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Gail Goodman – The Phone Teacher

Topic – Setting More Appointments with the Phone

Gail B. Goodman, affectionately known as The PhoneTeacher, has been recognized within the financial services industry as the premier appointment setting trainer.  For over three decades, she has created training materials that accurately reflect our phoning culture. Her recent book, “Modern Appointment Setting” was written to help all salespeople and manager to adjust to the era of robocalls and no one picking up their smartphones. 

Gail continually updates her training programs. The videos, newsletters, audio lessons and live seminars that make up her comprehensive training programs are designed to share the best ideas in the industry. We all need to know how to coordinate technology, phone calling and face-to-face marketing into a modern approach. If you haven’t changed what you’ve been doing in that last few years, you’re probably out-of-date. 

Gail lives on a horse farm outside of Nashville with her husband and too many animals.