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Zebras & Cheetas 
by Michael J Burt & Colby B Jubenville

Leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs are all obsessed with one thing: Growth. But, growth can be incredibly complicated, disconnected, and confusing for everyone involved. Enter the Zebra and Cheetah Philosophy, Model, and Leader. Zebras and Cheetahs is a philosophy that redefines leadership and results in a new perspective and mind-set.


The Boxcar Millionaire Book

The Boxcar Millionaire
by Tom Black

Tom’s story is the quintessential “rags to riches” tale, a narrative that embodies the American Dream. Now it’s his turn to pass it along, to share his training methods and proven business models with you In his book, “The Boxcar Millionaire” Tom Black shares his training methods and professional sales culture. Learn from a master as Tom’s Selling System was developed from adopting best practices and comes from personal experience in over 10,000 personal sales presentations. After training over 1,000 sales people in companies he built, he formed the Tom Black Center for Excellence where he teaches his “system” to sales people and sales managers who want to take their professional selling to the highest level.

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No More Mondays  &  48 Days to the Work You Love

Books By Dan Miller

Dan specializes in creative thinking for increased personalpersonal and business success. He believes the most effective life plans are achieved by integrating natural gifts, unique personality traits and one’s own values and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.


pay attention

May I Have Your Attention, Please

 Build a Better Business by Telling Your True Story
 By Chris Hilicki

Chris Hilicki is founder and Vice Chair of Dalmatian Press, one of theU.S.’s most successful children’s book companies. One’s personal identity is the key to one’s professional brand. In this book, Chris Hilicki illustrates how everyone can be successful by applying their personal experiences to business. Using real-world examples of famous corporations, celebrities, and the guy next door, Hilicki gets readers to use their best-and often most untapped-assets to build a better personal and professional life. Complete with thought-provoking chapter questions and practical exercises that readers can immediately apply to their plans for success, this unique guide offers step-by-step strategies that help readers examine their identity, make a lasting impression, and turn it into a reputation that transforms their businesses.


Sales Talk

How to Power up Sales Through Verbal Mastery
By Len Serafino

This Franklin Tennessee resident is a sales executive who is also an author. This book discusses and deliniates how to improve communication skills in order for sales professionals to achieve better results.


Little Red Book of Selling
Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness
By Jeffrey Gitomer

This book includes Jeffrey’s 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness and strategies and answers from a lifetime of selling that will teach you how to make sales forever.

In this book, you will have the opportunity to understand why sales happen. And by mastering the elements that Jeffrey Gitomer gives you, you’ll make sales happen for yourself forever.

Here’s how to take the golden information inside The Little Red Book of Selling and transfer it into your sales success:

Jeffrey will give the gold to you in bite size chunks. You can absorb the nuggets anywhere, at any time. You can try them out the same moment you learn them. Click on the book image and you can buy it directly from


Red-Hot Cold Call Selling

Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting Techniques That Pay Off

By Paul S. Goldner

Prospecting and business development are possibly the most crucial elements in your selling success formula. Most salespeople realize this. However, most salespeople do not enjoy prospecting and try to minimize the time spent in this area. Click on the book image and you will be taken to where you can purchase the book.